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Amma Home Health Care.

Dedicated to provide patients with safe and efficient home health care.

Providing You with Health Care at Home.





Amma Home Health Care, Inc. has been established for the purpose of providing quality home health care service. The agency is committed to the idea that individuals and families have the right to participate in the decisions regarding their own health care and the ways in which that care is provided. They deserve the right to remain autonomous as possible, and have the opportunity to participate in the selection of the best possible health care services in accordance with their needs. The Agency's mission is to provide families and individuals with a safe and effective source of quality home health care services. 


Amma Home Health Care, Inc is...

  • Certified by Medicare and Medicaid Services. 

  • Licensed by the Illinois Department of Health.

  • Accredited by The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organization.


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Medicare covers your health services for as long as you are eligible and your doctor says you need the services. We work closely with your physician to ensure that you continue to receive all services that are required. 
Better Care Starts with You!
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